Thanks R.E.F.

The Time Machine has gone into hibernation, but we wanted to make sure you saw this video of a piece of fan-created material we stumbled across during our 10-day run at Union Arts DC:

Thanks to all the awesome guests (and even RETURN guests) who came to the show!

The reviews are in…

Brightest Young Things writes:

There’s no easy way to explain how utterly worth your time “The Time Machine: A Scientific Romance” is without spoiling any of the fun. What I can say, however, is it’s one of the most inventive and endearingly homespun productions D.C. has seen this year.

DC Geeks writes:

Go get tickets! You want to do this. Really! You can stop reading the review and just go get your tickets.

I’ll wait.

So as you might of guessed I really enjoyed this exhibit.

It is composed of series of puzzles that you solve to unravel a story and ride in a time machine (It is not bigger on the inside). I don’t want to say too much because this is really something you need to experience for yourself. The amount of time and attention that went into the this is a little awe inspiring.

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Loved TIME MACHINE: A SCIENTIFIC ROMANCE. #dctheatre must embrace & learn from innovative experience makers like @hgwellsshow. cc:@ghweldon— Ryan S. Taylor (@RSTStatusReport) September 1, 2013

TIME MACHINE is not a play. It’s PLAY. Closet DC has to a SLEEP NO MORE. Puzzle-based narrative is evolution of genre. #dctheatre #newplay

— Ryan S. Taylor (@RSTStatusReport) September 1, 2013


This was totally awesome. It was like living in a RadioLab episode.


Thanks guys, it was a blast! My life needs more live interactive puzzles. Loved the back story and the ‘robots.’


Dear Science Fiction Trope Productions, Wow. That was SO much fun. Thanks for a great time!


The puzzles were perfect–not too difficult, but fun and challenging all the same. The setting, the story and the ambiance was all spot on too.


We had such a fantastic time at the show tonight! One of the best things I have ever done! So grateful that there are people like you guys who create amazing experiences like this. I’ll be bragging about this one for a while.


On Goldstar our rating is 4.8, with visitors writing:

You can feel the creative excitement oozing from the people running it.


FANTASTIC show – concept is so fun and was pulled together incredibly well. Do not miss!


Incredibly fun! I love solving puzzles and these were clever and challenging without being impossible. Absolutely recommend and would love to attend another incarnation of it.

Behind the Scenes with Sean Phillips

Creator / technical director Sean Phillips describes WTF is up with this show. This video contains footage from our playtests (including the never-before-seen latest playtest) and our Sound Scene installation, “The Lab” (which was kind of a playtest in and of itself).


We’ve given our site a facelift — hope you enjoy it. We’ll be posting dates, venue and ticket information soon!

Playtest #4

What happened to playtest #3? We had one, but it was to test our Sound Scene installation, “The Lab.” No new puzzles were tested there.

But in Sunday’s playtest, playtest #4, we tested puzzles old and new — some revisions of things that didn’t work well the first time (laser puzzle 2.0, chess puzzle 2.0) and a few completely new concepts… some that will completely blow people’s minds.

Sound Scene 2013: The Lab

For DC Listening Lounge’s Sound Scene 2013 at Goethe-Institut, we presented a short installation based off of concepts from our show. It’s called “The Lab.”

Go to Vimeo to watch and listen in glorious HD.

Or watch the embed here:

Playtest 2 Video

We recently tested five more puzzles — including some crazy ambitious high-tech stuff like a fake microscope. Check out the short video for a sneak peek.


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