Cast & Crew

The Time Machine: A Scientific Romance

Presented by Dioneo Productions

Created by Science Fiction Trope Productions

Sean Phillips – Creator, Technical Director
Travis Larchuk – Creator, Writer
Petra Mayer – Artistic Director
Chad Phillips – Programmer
Patrick Conway – Programmer


Abbey Kos – Robot Lab Assistant
Renita Jablonski – Voice of Florence Griffin
Glen Weldon – Voice of Dr. M

With Production Help From

Tony Lazzeroni – Videographer
Alex Muller – Set Builder


Elizabeth Acle
Chris Combs
Brennan Dorn
April Fehling
Nick Fountain
Jenny Gutbezahl
Andy Heuther
Rachel Kaufman
Mark Kilborn
Blair Murphy
David Schultz
Rae Schultz
Aviva Shen
AC Valdez
Charlie Visconage

Featuring Creative Commons Music By

Dexter Britain
Makoto Masui

Special Thanks

Mike Abrams and all the artists at Union Arts DC for putting up with us during our build phase and production run
David Schultz – self-proclaimed “Time Machine groupie.”

Extra Special Thanks

Dioneo Productions – for supporting our dream

Science Fiction Trope Productions