Science Fiction Trope

Science Fiction Trope Productions is a collection of audiovisual artists who specialize in interactive storytelling.

It was founded by three co-workers who met each other through work at NPR and bonded over their shared love of science fiction and general geekery.

Sean Phillips

Sean Phillips: Creator, Technical Director, Puzzle Designer

Sean Phillips designs interactive experiences for theme parks and children’s museums.

Previously, he worked as an audio artist and engineer at NPR, where he has served as Technical Director of Weekend All Things Considered and Talk Of The Nation.

His audio installations have been shown at the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum, The Goethe Institut, Washington Project for the Arts, and Artisphere.

Before moving to Washington, D.C., Sean served as Principal Sound Designer for Ray Bradbury’s Pandemonium Theater Company in Los Angeles. Other shows featured at Theater West, the Getty Museum, UCLA, the Victory Theater, and the Court Theater.

Samples of his audio installations and other work can be found at

Travis Larchuk

Travis Larchuk: Creator, Writer, Puzzle Designer

Travis Larchuk is a producer at NPR’s game show Ask Me Another.

Previously, he was a producer and director at NPR’s Morning Edition.

His interactive audio installations have been shown at Washington D.C.’s “Sound Scene” annually since 2009.

Travis “studies comedy” at Upright Citizen’s Brigade. He’s written material for The Charlie Visconage Show, a monthly, live Washington, D.C. comedy show in the style of a late-night talk show. He’s performed with independent improv comedy troupes in Los Angeles, D.C., Baltimore and Virginia.

Check out his portfolio at

Petra Mayer

Petra Mayer: Artistic Director

Petra Mayer is an editor on the NPR Books team. Before joining the Books team, she was an associate producer and director for NPR’s Weekend All Things Considered, and an audio editor at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in Prague.

She’s served as artistic director for interactive installations at Washington D.C.’s “Sound Scene” annually since 2009.

Chad Miller

Chad Miller: Sound Designer, Puzzle Designer

Chad Miller has held internships at NPR and Eighth Day Sound Systems in Cleveland, Ohio. He is also an accomplished guitar composer, with a recent feature in an award-winning documentary.

He attended American University, where he studied Audio Technology and Computer Science.  Deeply interested in the intersection between audio engineering and computer programming, his primary focus is digital audio signal processing.


Patrick Conway: Programmer, Puzzle Designer

Patrick Conway is a web developer living in San Francisco. He was part of a three-man team that won the 2013 LAUNCH Hackathon. He enjoys creating interactive web experiences using simple designs and minimal overhead. He has worked on web versions of prior “Sound Scene” installations.

He is a founder at, a web creation and hosting platform.

Learn more about him at

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