What exactly is this show?

It’s a time traveler’s laboratory full of interactive puzzles in the form of his “experiments.” You go in with a team of up to six people and can explore and touch whatever you want. Solving each puzzle gives you a code that you can use in the time machine at the finale of the show.

Think of it as an interactive art installation… a real-life video game… an exercise in short storytelling through audience discovery… a very condensed ARG (alternate reality game)… a promenade theater performance… our playtesters made comparisons to “MYST” and “Twin Peaks.” It’s somewhere in there.


How does the show relate to H.G. Wells and The Time Machine?

This show features an original story inspired by plot elements in H.G. Wells’ works. It is not a direct adaptation.


Are there live actors?

No, this is all about you. The actors are pre-recorded. “Lab assistants” will be in the room for safety and to occasionally help guide you through the experience.


Do I have to like puzzles to enjoy this?

It certainly helps. You don’t have to be a super-genius, however. We designed the puzzles to be enjoyable to solve, not insanely challenging. Through playtesting, we found that each puzzle can take anywhere from 1-8 minutes to figure out.

Don’t worry if you can’t solve everything — the show was designed with that in mind.


Do I have to role play or anything?

No — you’re coming as yourself. Unless you really want to role play, in which case, we won’t stop you.


How much walking is involved?

Not much walking, but you will be on your feet most of the time. We want our show to be accessible to everyone, however. Please let us know in advance if you have special needs, so that we may accomodate you.


Can kids come to this show?

Due to the puzzles and some thematic story elements, we recommend this show for ages 14 and up.


How long is the show?

About an hour.

Science Fiction Trope Productions